Change Order


I found that “Change Order is prepared by the Contractor” in 7.2.1 of A201.
In my understanding, when something needs to change, contractor notice the issue to architect first, and Architect review and prepare for G701 for it. and then once All sign in the agreement, contractor can start changing.

What does this 7.2.1 mean? They have own documents for change order only with Owner?

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Hi @humeda !

Thanks for your question! 7.2.1 in A201 states that the Change Order is prepared by the architect and agreed upon by the architect, contractor, and owner prior to executing any changes.

So if something comes up in construction that requires the design/cost to change, the contractor will coordinate with the architect and sometimes the owner to notify them. Typically this occurs in a construction meeting or OAC meeting so it’s usually verbally talked about. The architect then formally drafts the Change Order which everyone agrees to and signs prior to work being done. I hope that help clarify. Thanks!


Thank you so much!

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