PJM- Change order and Claims

Hi everyone,

One quick question, is change order a one type of the claims? What’s the relationship between those two?


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Hey @coachjasongolub or @cat.heard9 can you answer this question?

hey @whuang, can you clarify the two things you’re asking about? I see ‘change order’ and ‘claims’. Can you explain what you mean by ‘claims’? Thanks!

Thanks for reply! I am just wondering is ‘change order’ a type of ‘claims’?

For claim i mean the definition in A201 Article 15 claims and disputes.


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@cat.heard9 can you clarify?

@whuang- @cat.heard9 - a change order can refer to added or revised scope. Usually this would refer to a General Contractor’s change in scope or work resulting in a positive (additional cost) or negative (credit) to the owner. Sometimes consultants use the phrase Change Order as a reference for additional services.

Claims would be a claim against a party’s insurance for damages or errors and omissions.

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