Construction manager: as contractor vs. as agent

There are 2 flashcards in objective 3.2 regarding the CM types.
To understand the difference between the two, it would be easier to have a diagram similar to the way Mike explains the different delivery methods relationships. I thought this might help other people too and hope this is correct.

revised reference drawing 12.31.19

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Hi Oana,

Apologies for the delay in response to this question!

In both of these project delivery types the architect is still contracted directly to the owner. However, in both the CM is still involved in the process earlier than they would be through a traditional design-bid-build project delivery.

In CM as Agent the CM Agent is contracted directly to the owner, but is not responsible for construction. Then, separate subcontractors are contracted to the owner, although the CM Agent may assist in forming the construction team.

According to AIA Contracts .org at this web address:

In CM as Constructor the: “Use of the Construction Manager as Constructor (CMc) family of AIA Contract Documents may be appropriate when the owner’s project employs a construction manager who will complete the construction and also provide construction management services. Under the Construction Manager as Constructor (CMc) approach, the functions of contractor and construction manager are merged and assigned to one entity that may or may not give a guaranteed maximum price (GMP), but which typically assumes control over the construction work by direct contracts with the subcontractors. Documents in the CMc family can be used on small to large private sector projects.”

Hopefully this helps!

I found the below AIA lunch and learn presentation online which has some handy charts like those you produced:


Your clarification is very helpful. I was under the impression that the architect is contracted through the CM. Since the contractual relationships are very important to the exam, I’m glad I draw that wrong diagram and thank you for bringing this up and for the additional info!

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