Construction Manager

Can you please explain the difference between both circled diagrams?
I understand it is a CM delivery method, which could be either adviser or constructor, but why is there a relationship (line) between the CM and Architect, doesn’t the architect get hired by the owner in both cases?
Thank you

Hi @ylouka ,

The architect will be hired by the owner in either a CM as constructor or CM as advisor type project delivery. In CM as agent the architect might be hired by the CM. I think Mike was perhaps focusing more on diagraming how communications might work in this lecture – I know it has given me pause in the past.

I recommend checking out as the best and most accurate resource for understanding project delivery and contract relationships for each type. I know I spoke about this link a few times during the workshop and spammed the chat with it, but I really do think it’s the best resource I’ve found for understanding project delivery!

Hope this helps!

Thank You