Quiz Question 20: 6/1/2020

For the below quiz question, it starts off as CM-Agent but the answer describes CM-Adviser. Could someone clarify what the correct answer is?

Question 20: 6/1/2020
A client would like to structure their construction project with a Construction Manager as an agent.

In order for this to be successful, the owner should be experienced in which of the following?

A. Programming and design
B. Bidding and negotiation
C. Preconstruction services
D. Contract administration

Answer: (Click blurred text to reveal)

The answer is D. Contract administration.

Use of a construction manager as adviser (CMa) incorporates an additional prime player—the construction manager—on the construction team in addition to the architect and general contractor. There is often also multiple prime contractors. The construction manager acts as an independent adviser through the course of both design and construction. Since the owner has an additional player, the roles and responsibilities among the construction team members are likely to overlap and be less well-defined. Thus for a smooth project, it follows that the owner should be experienced in administering the various roles and responsibilities of the construction team players.

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Hi @jpmcd that’s a good question! Let’s get one of our expert architects to help with this! @beckypalmquist do you mind jumping in?

Sure. Good catch! Looks like the question should be asking about Construction Manager as an adviser, not as an agent. Take a look at figure 9.1 in AHPP for a graphic that shows how in CM-adviser, the owner holds multiple contracts: one with the architect, one with the construction manager, and one with the general contractor. We’ll get this question edited and updated. Thanks!

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Thank you!

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