Cost Estimating Question

I’m struggling to find clear definitions for the various cost estimating methods. Can someone please provide definitions or a free resource for clarity on this topic. More specifically, Assembly method, comparison method, area method, unit price method, etc. I believe Mike Newman touched on this during one of his videos lecture and I wasn’t able to locate it. I also tried to find this topic in the AHPP without success. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Hi @mroby one of our expert architects will be able to assist you with this question. @coachdarionziegler do you mind jumping in?

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Hi @mroby ,

This is my favorite online resource for learning more about cost estimations you might perform as the architect.

I think it does a good job addressing all the topics you listed and provides accurate and detailed information! Read further down the page for detailed descriptions of each.

This resource also touches on it:

AHPP page 828 briefly covers cost estimation, but doesn’t go into as much depth as these resources. Often, software is used that automates these estimates and I feel like that may be why it’s hard to find good sources on how to do it the manual way! The AHPP does a really good job of explaining the importance of cost estimates, how estimates relate to liabilities, and when they should be performed, but it doesn’t talk a lot about how to perform the estimates themselves.

You can read more about Unit Prices in the AHPP on page 707 and 1088 as well as in the glossary.

Don’t forget, the architect is never responsible to provide a “detailed cost estimate” as a part of basic services! The below article from B101 is super important to review and remember:

I hope this helps!


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Wow! Loved the Revit UNIFORMAT Assembly code tip!
Thanks Darion!

@EZI - Please check this out. I hope this helps with your Cost Estimating questions.

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