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Can you please help clarifying this confusing about the correct estimate method to be used by the architect during early CD phase?

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@coachanthonykender it seems Hedi has similar questions like me, can you help go over this on Sunday please?

Hi @hslama,

This is tricky because these questions aren’t apples to apples; and I can definitely see the frustration. Thanks for bringing it up on the community.

In the ARE Live video, we are given four examples and must pick the one that fits best. Comparable cost estimating is more liberal and upfront; it is based on a concept of cost based on previously done work. You’d see this around the programming phase. So that’s out.

Cost per square footage is really one step up from comparables. It’s still pretty loose; and you’d see it in schematic design. So that’s out.

Individual line items is a full out bid that the contractor would do. It’s out of our basic scope. So that’s out.

All we have left is assemblies. It’s the best answer for this question.

—that said—

The assembly method really is best used around DD. It is a step up from the systems method which looks at the major systems in the building. This is done in SD. Why parameter method takes the cake here, though, is that it takes the assembly method a step further. While we are still looking at the assemblies, we are also beginning to look at more detail. Each component of a building subsystem is itemized by type, quality, and then quality. We would begin to look at wall finishes here and not just walls, for example.

I realize this isn’t straightforward and can cause some frustration. This is a great example of a question asking you to choose the best available answer, though it may not be the best overall answer.

Keep up the great studies!