Deliverable method and contractor in pdd

I noticed there are a lot of AHPP related questions ,deliverable method and contractor questions that are part of the pcm/pjm in blackspectacle PDD exam. Do we need to pay attention to these topics or they are from the older version test?

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Hi @xurubi ,

There is a little bit of crossover on topics amongst all the exams. Some topics that come up on PcM & PjM do show on the other exams, although PDD definitely has more in common in PPD than any other division. If you have specific concerns about any question on the Black Spectacles practice exams feel free to post them here and I and @coachchrishopstock will do our best to explain!

While the exam was updated in December, the content and objectives have not changed since the launch ARE 5.0. All Black Spectacles materials are meant to reflect the current iteration of the exam.

PDD Objectives 2.5 has some crossover with PcM & PjM topics.
I think Black Spectacles questions related to PDD objective 5.1 are the ones that you are running across.

Hope this helps!

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