Delivery Method

This is from one of the quizzes. I don’t get it how Design-build is the correct delivery method in this question. Since Cost is the primary objective and its for a church wouldn’t Design-bid-build be the correct answer? @coachcandaceseda

If I am answering the question, I will also struggle with these two answer DB or DBB, but I might choose DB since DBB might create lots of change orders since the contractor want to increase their profit, which not meet "the owner’s worried the increased fee during the construction "

Hi Kokate,

Thanks for asking. If the main concern is cost during construction, the best way to reduce that risk is for the contractor to have full control of the contract. Design-Build allows for the contractor to make judgment calls, save money in some places, when others go over, therefore not inflicting any cost to the owner. I can see how it would be confusing, so don’t get too hung up on it. but overall DBB is good for competitive environments, but the cost is determined after design. DB the cost is determined before design, and theres one all inclusive contract for design and construction, therefore reducing cost overrun during construction.