PcM Project Delivery Method

A client would like to build a new production facility for their large wholesale baked goods company. They would like a project delivery system that gives them insight into project costs and flexibility in pricing and procuring subcontractors and suppliers. Quality and getting the facility they want is important to the client.

Which project delivery method should the architect recommend?

Contractor-led Design-Build
Bridge Design-Build
Construction Manager Guaranteed Maximum Price

@emilyepple can you elaborate on why CM-GMP is the recommended project delivery method here? If anything I feel like it should be DBB considering the main driving factors for the project cost and the client’s desire to control the procurement and suppliers, per AHPP figure 9.2 characteristics of project delivery methods

thank you

Thanks for the question! Having a Construction Manager can often result in a higher quality project because there is input from the construction perspective earlier on in the project compared to Design-Bid-Build. Construction Managers would be able to provide the owner with the insight into project costs and the flexibility in pricing and procuring subcontractors and suppliers that the owner is looking for. The Guaranteed Maximum Price is also beneficial to the owner because they are paying the contractor for their direct costs plus a fixed fee for overhead and profit, but only up to a certain agreed upon amount. This gives the owner a lot of insight into project costs and pricing while also protecting their budget if the contractor were to have estimating mistakes or cost overruns. I would say quality and insight are the driving factors here rather than cost and control as you stated and I think a Construction Manager accommodates both those factors. Design-Bid-Build the owner only gets good pricing information after bidding. Hope this helped!

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thank you for the thorough explanation, I understand the answer clearly now.