Form 3 , Question 88

The owner would like to create typical live/work apartments consisting of one bedroom and one living room on the upper floors of the existing building. The apartments will each have 300 sf of open living space and 300 sf of bedroom space, excluding the bathroom and kitchen. The architect is verifying operable glazing requirements against the existing window characteristics.

Based on the information provided, what is the area of operable glazing required per room to provide fresh air?

The provided reference states that any habitable room must have glazing with an area no less than 8% of the floor area of that space, and must have operable window area totaling a minimum of 5% of the floor area of the space. The planned apartments will each have two habitable rooms that are 300 sf each. To determine the minimum operable area required per room, the area of the individual habitable space is multiplied by the minimum operable area percentage allowed:

300 sf x 0.05 = 15 sf

The reference is IBC=, 2018, 1208

This reference is INCORRECT. 1208 is access to unoccupied spaces.

1202.5.1 Ventilation area required, states 4%.

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