Historic preservation - Rehabilitation


If new work is added to a historic building, how would you differentiate from the old portion of the building and still compatible with the historic materials, features, sizes, and etc?
For example, if there is an existing brick building and new building will be added with compatible materials (bricks in same color and size, etc). How would you differentiate the new potion of the building to the historic building since same materials are used? Can anyone help? @coacheliserenwick


Hey! That is an interesting question… There are two options as a designer for approaching a project where you have a historic structure that your adding an addition.

  1. You create a building or addition that is contemporary or of a different style so that you clearly annotate it as a new portion.

  2. Adding an addition that is in the same style as the existing historic structure thus blending the new addition with the old.

I suggest checking The Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for the Treatment of Historic Properties. Page 36/252

Let me know if this answers your question.

Best, Elise

Thank you so much @coacheliserenwick !!
I didn’t know that new addition can be either identical to the historic building or contemporary. This cleared up my question.

Thank you so much. Your workshop was great!

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