Building in historic context but not categorized as historic building

Hi ARE community,

After reading the book about historic preservation chapter, just wondering how to treat the buildings located in historic district but built beyond the time which can be categorized as the historic buildings. Does it should follow the local preservation treatment as well or no need any treatment at all when repairing?


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Hi @whuang ,

Great question!

There will still be special design considerations required for new buildings built in historial districts. There will likely be additional reviews by local AHJ’s required as well. This also holds true for renovations of buildings within historical districts that are not themselves historical.

There may or may not be requirements as to what materials/products may or may not be used - it depends on the local zoning and municipal codes.

I think this article might be helpful in explaining:


Hi Darion,

Thank you so much for clarification! I think it’s pretty clear for the new building condition!

On second thoughts for the existing building (not be identified as historic building since it was built later than the time range. Just located in historial district) which need to be repaired (for example damaged windows, walls, etc). Does that still need to follow the historic code for preservation? or no need because technically it’s not historic building?


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Hi @whuang ,

Existing buildings which are not historic do not need to follow historic guidelines for simple repairs. So, you don’t need to use any special product or procedures for tuck pointing or re-caulking windows for example.

However, if you are doing something to the building beyond maintaining its current condition (for example, upgrading windows or replacing the roof) there may be additional regulations that need to be followed. For example, historic overlay districts often have their own requirements for what materials might be used. This information would be in the zoning code.

Hope this helps!

Thanks Darion! Super clear!

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