How many Doors we need for certain room?

Hi ARE community,

Understand there is certain exits standard for occupants (1-50, 1 exits, 50-500, 2 exits…), is there any relates to the width of door? How many doors/ width we need for certain room? (say 1000 occupants).


Hi @whuang thanks for the question! I’ll provide a brief overview here and I encourage you to watch our videos and also read through IBC chapter 10 a bit for further clarity.

The size of doors required varies based on the number of occupants the door serves, but must have a clear opening width of 32" minimum. See 2018 IBC section 1010 for further requirements, as well as a list of exceptions.
The number of exits required for a room or space is covered in 2018 IBC section 1006. Spaces with between 501 and 1000 occupants require 3 exits. Section 1007 describes the required configuration of such exits.

Again, this is by no means an exhaustive explanation of how to perform an egress calculation for a room that you describe, but hopefully I’ve pointed you in the right direction so you can explore further!

Good luck in your studies.

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