Inconsistency regarding Outline Specifications on quiz questions

Quiz #2 for PJM has a question where you drag-n-drop items into SD/DD/CD phases. The answer provided says "Outline specifications would be developed during the Schematic Design (SD) phase.

But then in Quiz #3 for PJM there is a question that asks: “In which design phase can the owner expect to receive outline specifications for those systems?”
And the answer says Outline Specifications are always done in DD phase.

My understanding is that Outline Specifications are part of the conceptual phase and included as part of SD deliverables.

Hi @dek !

Thanks for your post! On page 694 of the AHPP, it states “at the design development level, outline specifications are often the solution to communicate materials, products, and systems”. Also on page 662, when talking about Design Development deliverables it states “the project specification, primarily a narrative at the end of the schematic design, is now typically an outline specification identifying specific products and major assemblies”.

I think the difference between the two questions above is about when the specs begin to be developed (in the SD phase) and when they are actually delivered to the client (at the end of the DD phase). Thank you!



The question in the drage-n-drop is just wrong. I highly recommend the BS team to revise this as it is confusing people.
Per the AIA B101 on article 3.3.1 “The Design Development Documents shall also include outline specifications that identify major materials and systems and establish, in general, their quality levels”