Practice Quiz 2, question 8

Hello, I wanted to point out that the answer to this question 8 on PjM quiz#2 (matching task with phasing of the project design) is incorrect. Per AIA B101, article 3.3, the outline of the spec (stated literarily) belongs to DD phase, not SD as the answer on the quiz suggests. It would be a good idea to correct the posted answer since it directly undermines what is in the official AIA contract document.

Hi @alina - outline specs can be provided at the SD phase as well. See AIA B101, article 3.2.5, which talks about how ‘preliminary selections shall be noted on the drawings or described in writing’ An outline spec is a preliminary description (in writing) of a material or system.

I see what you’re saying, that the term ‘outline spec’ is specifically used at the DD phase in the B101, not in the SD phase. That doesn’t mean that outline specs can’t be provided at the SD phase, just that they must be provided by the DD phase.

See also the definition of outline specification in AHPP, page 1131, which essentially describes outline specs as an abbreviated set of requirements normally provided at SD or DD phases.