Is land coverage and set back the same thing?

is land coverage and set back the same thing in zoning regulation? when would you actually need land coverage ?doesn land coverage include fence and landscape ?

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Land coverage is the amount of area on a lot a building footprint covers.

Setbacks are the distance away from the lot line or street a building must be located.

So, while these are distinct concepts, the setbacks will effect the possible land coverage a building can have. Zoning code may have regulations about what percentage of land a building may cover. Most often, land coverage is used to determine FAR (floor to area ratio) along with the stories a building has. Many jurisdiction have limits on FAR based on the zoning designation of a particular area.

Typically, land coverage only includes the building footprint. It will not include landscaping.

Below are a couple of wikipedia pages that you might find useful:

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so if the client wants to build as much land as possible , should I just use land coverage ?

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You will need to meet both the setback and land coverage requirements of any given code. There isn’t an option for one or the other.

If the client wants to develop as much land as possible you would maximize land coverage to the maximum allowed, while still following any applicable setbacks, easements, and FAR requirements.

If you have a Black Spectacles subscription this video covers setbacks and other zoning restrictions:

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