Low Voltage Consultant?

I need help understanding question 24 practice exam 1 please:
As part of the communication commissioning requirements, the contractor is required to test the coaxial cabling to ensure it performs in the 5 MHz through 1 GHz range. After testing the system, it has been determined that the cabling performs in the 2 MHz through 3.57 MHz range.

Which of the following consultants would the architect need to coordinate with in order to resolve the issue?

Low voltage

Correct. This consultant deals with communications, security, audio, and video systems throughout the project. Coaxial cabling would fall under the low voltage consultant’s specifications (Division 27).

Electrical engineer

Incorrect. The electrical engineer deals with high voltage systems that have a direct effect on life safety.

Cabling engineer

Incorrect. There is no such thing as a cabling engineer.

Mechanical engineer

The answer refers to the AHPP but I can’t find where this could be in the book.
Also wouldn’t the electric engineer handle both high and low voltage?

Thank you

Incorrect. The mechanical engineer would deal with the duct layout, split systems, air handlers, condensers, etc.

Reference: The Architect’s Handbook of Professional Practice
I can’t find where this topic would be in the AHPP book.
Also wouldn’t the electric engineer handle both high and low voltage?

Thank you

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Hi @ylouka ,

I’ll see if I can help!

I think this question is one of those where you have to select the ‘most correct’ answer. While an electrical engineer might certainly include coaxial jack locations depending on the project and scope, if there is a low voltage consultant on the project they would be the ‘most correct’ person to coordinate this with.

That being said, I think there might be a more appropriate reference for this question.
@coachchrishopstock can you please take a look into this and weigh in?


Hi @ylouka thanks for your question!
I agree with @coachdarionziegler that this is a ‘select the best answer’ question. In my experience, low voltage engineers are separate from electrical engineers, although some electrical engineers may provide both services. I did find a mention of low voltage engineers on page 973 of AHPP - they were simply listed in a sample fee structure on that page.
The CE exam is a difficult one to provide references for - we know that there are some questions that require knowledge of construction detailing/building systems (such as this one) but the ARE Handbook doesn’t list any CE resources that actually provide this knowledge. We always try to list resources for each question that are actually listed in the Handbook for that division, but it’s difficult to do so for CE because of what I mentioned above.
Anyway, I changed the reference for this question to the CSI Manual of Practice, which talks about specialty engineers on page 4.59.
Thanks again and good luck in your studies!

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Thank you very much Coach Darion and Coach Chris for the explanation.

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