B101 Architect's coordination of the Owner's consultants


I have a question in terms of written in subtitle.
In my understanding, architect is responsible to coordinate owner’s consultants as basic service.
But I found “Architect’s coordination of Owner’s consultants” in supplemental service in B101.
What is this item for in concrete?

Thanks in advance,

Hi @humeda !

That’s a great question and it can definitely be confusing determining the difference between these two responsibilities in the contract. 3.1.2 states that the architect shall coordinate with the owner and the owner’s consultants. This means that we coordinate our work with the work of the consultants, for example making sure that nothing in the structural drawings interferes with an architectural element. states (as you mentioned) architect’s coordination of owner’s consultants. This would be an additional service because we would be actually coordinating the work of the consultants (ie relaying information from the structural engineer to the mechanical engineer) instead of just coordinating our work as architects with the consultants’ work. I hope this helps!