Members of a Professional LLC

Hello, I had a question about ownership. In a scenario when not all employees of an LLC are licensed but a business is desired to be setup as a Professional LLC is it possible for this to take place given some employees are not licensed? Is the assumption that all employees are members incorrect? Is the difference between and PLLC and PLLP than just wordplay? What would be the difference between members and partners if not just title? Is there a limit to the number of people to be given the title Partner? or Member?

Hi Jordano, thank you for your question. I can share our company structure how we are set up at the firm I work for. We are set up as a LLC with two members/owners that are not licensed. I am the only licensed professional/architect on staff, but I am an employee of the firm, not an owner or member. We have less than 10 employees. I will also say that different states have different requirements so I would check your local jurisdiction. It would be worth referencing Table 5.1 Summary of Legal Structures in The Architect’s Handbook of Professional Practice as well.

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