NCARB: Preparing your environment to take the ARE online

If you decide to take the ARE 5.0 online you must make sure your testing environment meets the NCARB technical and environmental requirements.

Let’s discuss what issues you may have had while setting up to test online

NCARB compiled a list of tips that will help make your experience much better.

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Have you taken the ARE online? What issues did you come across? We would love for you to share any tips you may have!





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NCARB recently uploaded a video speaking about this! Check it out at the link below:

From my conversations with others, I have heard that the two main things to have are internet connected via ethernet cable and auto-focusing webcam.

Even if you think your Wifi is fast, a slight interruption can cause you to lose connection with the proctoring software! If you plan on taking an online proctored exam definitely use an ethernet cable.

I have mentioned it a couple of times already, but what I’m not seeing here is the warning about a popup window behind the full-screen Prometric window. When I first took the exam online, I experienced this. The Prometric window blocked me from seeing the popup. The popup required me to acknowledge Prometric’s access to my computer through my virus protection software, but I couldn’t see it. I had to log off and log back in. The second time it happened again, but this time, when I logged off, I checked a box in the popup to automatically allow access the next time it was requested. After logging in a third time, I finally was able to reach a proctor.

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Hi @clifford.marvin,

Oh no! I’m sorry to hear your test didn’t go smoothly, but thank you for sharing your experience! That’s the first time I’ve heard of this particular issue, but I’ve heard a few other horror stories about failing to reach a proctor or no proctors being availible at the scheduled test time.

If anyone has experienced test center or online proctoring issue please remember to report them to NCARB at the website below within 15 days!

NCARB lists the rate of online proctoring issues at 28%, but based on what I’ve heard from candidates I feel like the actual number is higher.

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