NCARB & Prometric test scheduling

UPDATE - Information regarding Prometric and NCARB policies is continuously changing, please reference this link for the most recent openings and closures.

We know in these uncertain times and with a pause in testing, it’s easy to feel knocked off track, but don’t! We’ve spoken with NCARB and they are encouraging all candidates to be proactive about their path to licensure. They are advising any candidates who haven’t already, to schedule their ARE for May or June with Prometric ASAP. They believe seats may fill up quickly due to the popularity of other tests typically taken that time of year that share the Prometric facilities, and we don’t need another toilet paper situation on our hands.

Once you get your test scheduled, it’ll give you a solid focal point to channel your energy towards. We encourage everyone to keep their skills sharp and stay current with their study habits, and of course - breathe. This undoubtedly is a stressful time for everyone and you owe it to yourself to keep your career aspirations moving forward.

Most of all, Black Spectacles is here for you. You can ping other architects on this very community for some answers to burning questions, share pictures of your new workspace, and post how your updated timeframe is allowing you to squeeze in even more information. Short of video chatting with your family (and hey, who could rule that out), we’ll provide the support and information you need to get through this.

Here are the links to schedule your exams and to stay up-to-date:

Share how you’re adjusting to the new norm and get some tips on how to stay sane through all of this - How are you adjusting to the new norm?