The Best Webcam To Use For Taking The ARE Online

Did you know NCARB requires you to have a specific webcam while taking the ARE online?

We’d love for you to share the webcam/brand you used for testing.

Check out our last blog where we set out to give you all the resources you need to be equipped to take the exam from your home or office. View here

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One candidate shared his story… “I have done the test run to test my webcam and I could pass the readiness check! My first exam got canceled due to the webcam not being able to autofocus on my name on the ID. Autofocus was part of the webcam specifications when I bought it from Amazon, but apparently, it wasn’t acceptable.”

Which webcam would you recommend?

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Oh this is such a good topic. I’ve heard a few horror stories about online proctoring, and most involve webcams and loss of connections.

Remember, you can always check to see if your system is ready for online proctoring with the Prometrics systems readiness check at the link below:

I personally own this webcam and the only complaint I have about it is that it’s too high def. I think I looked better in my old, blurrier camera. This webcam also passed Prometrics system readiness check!

Also, don’t forget that NCARB will send you a one time $50 gift card to help purchase a webcam for your first online proctored exam!

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