No paper!

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White Board is trash. My testing center didn’t allow paper and pencil. It made the questions involving math that much more difficult and stressful due to time and ease of use. Whoever made this decision to remove scratch paper should be fired. Dumbest thing ever! Just my 2 cents.

Hi @Arcgabe !

Unfortunately, I haven’t heard great things about the ease of use of the whiteboard on the exams and I don’t think the Whiteboard feature is going away anytime soon. The biggest piece of advice I have for getting used to the Whiteboard is just to spend some time practicing using it prior to your exam. You can take practice exams and have the Whiteboard pulled up at the same time to practice your math problems, etc.

You can access the Whiteboard demo exam on your NCARB profile at the right side of the page under Exam Resources. I hope the practice helps you in future exams!


My rec is to only type in the white board. Also you can cut and paste directly from the question tot he white board.

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