Whiteboard utility

i am trying to imagine what kinds of problems i could use the whiteboard to solve. i can’t see using it for anything except wiring down the results of using the calculator to keep track of values i am comparing.
like literally only using the TEXT command to write something like:
“original: 6600
A: 87,000
B. 78,000”
and then subtraction A or B to get a truly to enter into an entry box.

normally i would solve slope problems drawing a triangle or using SOHCAHTOA by cross multiplying.

or solving a strain calculation by drawing the circular rod and calculating out the area and writing form a strain equation or whatever.

i can’t see solving /any/ graphical problems in 5.0 - 2.0. which means i am relegated to using my mind’s eye and a calculator and using the whiteboard to write down values.

am i missing something?

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Hi @chertok22 ,

I’m afraid what you see is what you get with the whiteboard. I took the exam prior to the whiteboard feature so I don’t have any first hand advice for you, but here are some of the resources I’ve found online.

NCARB uploaded the video below about their whiteboard to their youtube page:

They also released these two video answering questions about the white board:

There’s also plenty of posts on NCARB’s ARE 5.0 community discussing the whiteboard.

I’m not going to argue that it is intuitive, but you can use the shape tools to draw perfect circles or triangles which is kind of nice.

Does anyone else who is currently testing have any tips or tricks to share about using the whiteboard?

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seems to me the answer is this tool is useless. except for drawing circles or equilateral triangles?(!)

Hi @chertok22
I totally understand your frustration with the whiteboard - it’s a common complaint from candidates. When I took the ARE, version 4.0, we had a similarly frustrating experience of having to learn a crude, CAD-like software to solve graphic problems (vignettes). There were many complaints about that software as well, but at the end of the day every candidate has the same tools available to them to solve the problems in the exam, and many candidates pass despite the software’s shortcomings.
I would personally suggest practicing a good deal with it while taking practice exams, so that you’re as comfortable as possible with it on exam day. Take it as a personal challenge, that you won’t let this tool stand in the way of you obtaining your license.

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