Occupancy Load Classification

In this question, how do I know this is a standing only occupancy? The description states that it is for gatherings/events. This could mean some tables.

Hi @molls808 ! I sent you an email about the exam screenshots being posted. I have sent them to our expert architect @coachlizschneider so she knows which questions you are referring to.

@coachlizschneider do you mind helping?

Hi Monica,
In the future, where should I be sending these screen shots if they are not allowed on the blog?

Hi @molls808 , you can send the screenshots to me (you have my email) & I will forward them to the expert architect.

@molls808 Thank you for the question. You’re right the space could potentially have tables and/or chairs. However, in the exhibits that you are given no furniture is indicated in the floor plan. So, in this case it is best to go with the stricter interpretation of the code and use Assembly - standing space.

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Good point. Thanks so much.

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