Form 1 Practice Exam Question 93

The question reads “Which of the following is the correct occupancy for Space 6-B?”

6-B is an auditorium (Assembly Space) and based off of the dimensions shown on the plan, it is apparent that this space is smaller than 750SF.

Under 303.1.2 Small Assembly Spaces (less than 750SF), shouldn’t this space be classified as accessory to the principle occupancy of the building as a “Museum” (A3 Occupancy) rather than what is shown as the correct answer, A1 Occupancy?

Any clarification here is appreciated.

Hi @cerbonem77 , thanks for writing in and sorry for the delayed response!
Dimensions aren’t given for the space - I agree that it seems to be right about 750sf when considering the pathway to the egress door, but there’s not enough information to determine the actual square footage of the space. On the ARE, you won’t be expected to scale a drawing to answer a question like this - if you find yourself doing that, you’re on the wrong path.
You do seem to have a solid understanding of this topic and that is definitely the correct exception to consider if the space is less than 750sf.
I hope this was helpful and good luck on your next exam!