Pcm exam 2 question 62 casestudy-595hours?

any one know where is the 595 hours come from , did i miss any reference?


@coachdarionziegler do you mind jumping in?

This is a good question @xurubi. Let me look into it and I’ll get back to you ASAP.

I got the same question because this question appeared twice, once in each case study in Practice Exam #2. My real test is coming up in a few days… Any insight would be super helpful. Thank you so much @coachdarionziegler!

I sent this same question via the chat bot and here’s their response:
“I’m sorry to report that this question has not been setup completely for you to successfully answer. I’ve shared this with our resident architect and it’s been sent back to the author to revise. There’s not enough information provided and references to answer the question.”


I have same issue. There are two same questions in two case study. Both of them using 595 hours to solve. I could not able to find the number and could not able to locate where the number come from. Any update for these questions?

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I was not able to locate the origin of the 595 but I had a more math-incline friend get it right without the whole 595.
The process was to divide the 50% by the 8 weeks to get the 6.25%/week pace. Since it is now 13 weeks, 6.25%*13 weeks = 81.25%. 100%-81.25% = 18.75% or ~19%.
Personally I found the question to be convoluted.


I did a same way to solve the question. I just want to make sure works every situations.

I was also stumped on this question - this Exam (Form 2) had several issues and typos…I’m hoping this get’s resolved for the sake of others!


I’m really glad this isn’t just me. I was so confused by seeing this question twice in Exam #2 and even more confused by the explanation of how to solve it.

Hello, we are in the midst of updating our practice exams. We’ve shared this with our resident architect and it’s been sent back to the author to revise.

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You are my hero:)