PDD schedule questions

I’m practicing taking the mock exams and on the schedule questions there are bar charts and then a square and circle. What do the square and circle indicate? I’m not sure if I’m suppose to select within the bar chart of in the square next to it?
thanks, R

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Hi @robin

Do you mind letting me know which question you are referring to & I will get one of our expert architects to help clarify this question?

I’m referring to question 62 of Form 1 the second test I took. it has a gantt chart with phases of the project followed by a circle or square and I’m confused by where to select? One question had the selection in the body of bar part of the chart and the other in the square?
Thanks, Robin

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Got it! @coachbryanhadley do you mind helping Robin?!

Also this was not the actual question that was confusing but I couldn’t find it so this one is similar. In the question that i could not find the correct answer was actually inside the bar chart graphic area.
Thanks, Robin

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@monicafitzpatrick , I think the questions are randomized for each quiz taker. Either way I am unable to access the problem. Are you able to source the question and image for me? I apologize but I am unable to provide a useful response without this information. @robin, if Monica is unable to source the image and question, are you able to further describe the problem from memory? Thank you

<img width=“173” height=“100” style=“width:1.8in;height:1.0416in” id=“Picture_x0020_8” src="//discourse-cloud-file-uploads.s3.dualstack.us-west-2.amazonaws.com/standard17/uploads/blackspectacles/original/1X/9dce6b213fe14934fca1476530f8725ecac31b52.png" alt="A picture containing clock, train

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Here is a similar question, the one that really confused me was where you correct green area was in the grey bar area of the gantt chart. My question is: what are the squares and circles?

Thank you, Robin

Hi @robin,

Thank you for the image. I apologize, but again it is difficult to give a good answer without knowing the context of the question. That said, it looks like a Gannt chart, commonly used for scheduling and determining critical paths for project delivery.

So, my hunch is that the colored bars were intended to represent the shortest potential duration(s) for various tasks, with the squares to represent additional units of time, and the circles for absolute deadlines before the next task can occur.

I hope it helps… Others may be able to confirm or offer alternatives.