Understanding Architecture Project Work Plans and Schedules

In Sunday’s workshop, we went over understanding the work plan and keys about reading and getting relevant data to help schedule and adjust project staffing. There were a few questions about understanding charts and schedules in way to answer questions effectively. In follow up, to visualize of work plans and schedules, I am including some exam tips, and links for understanding how to understand the concepts of scheduling and staffing plans.

Tips for reading charts/schedules:

  • Reread question to know exactly what information is being asked for.
  • When reading table, give yourself 1 minute to read headings, and understand purpose of the chart/schedule
  • When answering the question, focus on keywords like “total” or “completion” to link answer to the table information
  • Look for patterns within tables such as unusually high or small numbers, that could be clue to answer for a question.
  • If the chart and questions don’t match in your mind after 2 minutes, and this is a multiple choice answer, then mark the question and come back when you finish easier questions. Each question is worth the same, so don’t over spend time on a question that you can come back to later after answering more familiar questions.


**“**Architect’s Handbook of Professional Practice” - Scheduling page 632-634
Archtoolbox - Construction Schedule Methods - Archtoolbox - not an official ARE resource but still helpful

**“**Architect’s Handbook of Professional Practice” - Project Staffing page 589

Some video references:

Useful videos for visualizing a staffing mix:

Staffing Mix

Developing Project Staffing Plan

The Basics of Project Cost Management - Project Management Training

And finally remember to take your time during study to understand tables, and plans. Your familiarity with a similar visualization will increase your comprehension time during an exam in a very helpful way.

Let me know any questions.