Form 3 Q39

In the form 3 mock exam there is a question that states “the owner has requested a design schedule that will allow them to easily visualize the different scheduled activities and who is working on them”. The following question is then presented “Which of the following charts shows the simplified graphical represenation of scheduled activities?” The correct answer provided does not show who is working on the activities. My confusion stems from the fact it is stated originally that there is a who component to the desired schedule but then the who goes away in the actual question.

Hi @jplecha ,

We will try to help clear this up!
@coachchrishopstock can you please dig into this question?


I had the same issue. There are actually two questions from the mock exams that refer to the same schedule images. What I understood about these questions is that they are trying to test our understanding on milestone schedule, gantt charts and critical path schedules.

But for me the schedule they used to refer to a milestone schedule looks more like something you would use quote a project as it gives costs and in this case does not provide the names of who is in charged of the activity. But it would sill be the best answer as the the other options don’t provide the names either and are more complex for the type of project.

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