Plumbing Fixture Counts

How can one determine the fixture count for a mixed use separated occupancy. eg business occupancy and an assembly occupancy like an art gallery.

Hi @Feyi.Aduroja - I think the answer is that different municipalities might handle this slightly differently - it’s a bit open to interpretation in my opinion so I think if you saw a question like this on the ARE, NCARB would provide you with some instructions.

In your example, I’d say that if the art gallery had 400 occupants and the business portion had 80 occupants, you’d provide 5 lavatories, for example.

Thanks for the response @coachchrishopstock

@coachchrishopstock could you expand on how you got your answer?

Per your example:

A-3 = 400 occupants = 200 male/200 female
Male = 1:200 = 1 lav
Female = 2: 151-200 = 2 lavs
B = 80 occupants = 40male/40 female:
Male = 1:75 = 1 lav
Female = 1:50 =1 lav

I’m counting 5 lavs total, not 4, can you clarify? Thanks!

@coachchrishopstock would you be able to expand on your answer above?

Sorry about that! there was a typo in my original response which I’ve now resolved.