Plumbing fixture count per Table 403.1 IBC 2018

Can anyone expand on whether we should be considering separate water closets for men and women per the INC 2018 for business occupancy even when that table 403.1 does not differentiate for men and women?

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Hi @anukul2382 ,

Table 403.1 shows how you calculate the required number of water closets.

We can clarify if separate facilities are required by reading a little further in the code to section 2902.2.

This clarifies that separate facilities are required in business occupancies unless the occupancy load is 25 or less. This is to allow small offices which may only require a single water closet to get by with one instead of providing a separate facility for each gender.

That being said, if a client with a business use and occupancy of less than 25 wants to provide separate facilities they are totally free too even if not required.

Hope this helps,

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