Potty Parity in IBC


I know in recent years there has been some discussion and code changes regarding potty parity in public/assembly spaces. Where I work in FL, the 3:2 Women/Men ratio is still in place, but I don’t see mention of this in the IBC. Is potty parity included in the 2018/2021 IBC? Is it a topic likely to come up on the ARE?


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Hi @sillscai ,

Great question! The ARE references IBC 2018. The “potty parity” code is a unique feature of the Florida Plumbing code. See code section below:

This code does not exist in the 2018 IBC so you won’t be tested on it on the ARE.
And here are the counts from the 2018 IBC for your reference!

Hope this helps,

Thanks for clarifying, Darion!

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