PPD mock exam question

One of the mock questions for the test says:
Which of the following heating and cooling systems is appropriate for a midsize to large building to minimize maintenance expenses? Select the three that apply.
A-single duct at constant air volume
B-fan-coil terminals
C-through the wall and packaged terminal units
D-hydronic convectors
E-closed lop heat pump
F- variable air volume

Black spectacles says that the correct answers are A , D, F. (CAV single duct, hydronic convectors, and VAV). According to Architect’s studio companion, hydronic convectors do not cool. The question says heating AND COOLING. Is this a misworded question? Am I missing something?

Thanks in advance!

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Hey Laura,

I’m going to ping @heatherrivera and see if she can provide any insight on this. In the meantime, I’ll review this with our team.

Thank you for the good question!

Thank you :slight_smile:

Great question!

I believe that the question is asking what heating and(/or) cooling system based on the available answers I’m seeing and not a definitive "AND.” Hydronic convectors are known for simple installation and operation.

Heather Rivera, NCARB


Thank you! Then the word “or” should be added to the question, just like you did. It can be very confusing for us, the people who are learning all these topics :sob: thanks for quickly answering my question. This community is great!

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Thanks for the feedback. I’ll work with our team to address this.

We’re constantly improving our items to give you guys the very best; and your input is invaluable.

It is a lot of content, and certainly overwhelming at times, but you can do this!