PPD Workshop Question - MEP

Hi Liz! Hope you’re well and sorry for sending questions so late regarding the previous workshop. Any assistance is greatly appreciated:) cheers! -seth

On Part 1 (Question #1), Why was choice (d, VRF/VRV Heat Pump/ Fan Coil System) chosen as the recommended answer as opposed to (a, Vertical or Package Terminal Air Conditioning Units) for the guest room portion of the conference center? Choice (a) seems to have a low 1st cost, but may have a negative impact with grills underneath windows evident on the exterior… Is choice (d) recommended due to easier maintenance perhaps?

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Hi @sethmandel8 & welcome to the ARE Community!
@coachlizschneider are you able to help Seth with this question?!

@sethmandel8 Hey Seth,
Good follow up question. There are a few reasons that the VRV is more desirable than the (PTAC units)Package Terminal Air Conditioning Units. While the PTAC units have a lower first cost they tend to have a shorter life span than the VRVs and will need to be replaced more frequently. They also are less efficient when heating in very cold temperature. Finally, they aren’t as aesthetically pleasing as they require exhaust grills on the exterior of the building. You would see a grill beneath every hotel room window on your facade.

Many thanks for the clarification Liz:)