Practice Exam #1 Question #19

This is a drag and drop question for fire wall separation. Can you provide a graphic answer to this question? I read the answers but want to make sure I’m clear.

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Hi @mmcandy21 that’s a great question! Let’s get one of our expert architects to help clarify. @coachbryanhadley do you mind jumping in?

@coachchrishopstock do you mind jumping in here?

Hey @mmcandy21 , thanks for the question.
I don’t see any drag and drop questions about fire wall separation on Practice Exam #1 - can you send a screenshot of the question and answer explanations please?

@coachchrishopstock @monicafitzpatrick

I’m fairly certain the fire separation question @mmcandy21 is referencing has already been removed since the original post. People had questions about it on the Facebook page too & I know it was flagged for review.