Practice Test Form #3 - Question 60 - Drag & Drop Area missing target boxes

Bug Report

Question #60 requiring you to place Manual Dampers is missing the green “target” bounding boxes in the drawing area to answer, so no matter where you place the MD symbols, it will not read the answer as correct when grading.

Have a screenshot to send, but trying to not post screenshot when not needed.

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Thanks @brycebounds ! I’m sending this note to our tech team.

No problem @monicafitzpatrick. Let me know if you want the screenshot, and how to send it to you.

Yes, please send the screenshot to my email.

Thank you @brycebounds

@monicafitzpatrick, email sent

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Will the correct answer be sent our or shared in any way? I’m curious as to if I got that correct in the practice test. I’m more of a visual person so the text answer left me a little bit confused.