Practice Exam #2 Wildlife Rescue Case Study


I’m looking for some clarification on the below case study question:

The parking lot requires significant grading and should be planned in a way that reduces land disturbance and avoids the need for any potential environmental remediation. Which area of the site is the best location to propose for the parking lot?

On the northwest side of the site (Correct. The owner’s program requirements indicate parking for a minimum of 120 vehicles. The relative size of the adjacent site’s parking lot for 15 vehicles provides an approximation of the footprint that might be needed for this facility’s parking lot. The northern portion of the site contains a broad area of land that is the least steep and should serve as the best location given the owner’s requirements. This would also facilitate more manageable building access.)

On the northeast side of the site (Incorrect. While this area of the site is among the flattest, the underground fuel tanks noted in the Phase 1 excerpt are located here. Heavy grading in this area may disturb these objects, creating the potential for site contamination.)

I understand that the northern, flatter portion of the site is best and that we would want to avoid the underground fuel tank noted in the Phase 1 Report, but I wasn’t sure how to for sure know where this tank might be located to determine if the Northwest or Northeast was the correct answer. The Report describes the location “at approximate site elevation +2160,” but this contour line runs across the northern portion from West to East so it could be in either region. There are a few unlabeled rectangles, potentially old structures or platforms, to the Northeast, are we meant to assume that the tank might be underneath or adjacent to these? Am I missing another piece of information from the provided resources?


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Hi @sillscai ,

Great question! @coachchrishopstock can you please take a look at this and see if you can provide any additional insight?


Hello and thanks for writing in about this question!
The rectangles on the site plan are existing structures - therefore it would be a reasonable assumption that the existing USTs are located somewhere in the vicinity of those structures.
The other thing to consider is that access is easier to provide to the NW portion of the site - the SW portion has a relatively level landing area near the road, whereas the SE portion does not.

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