Practice Exam Form 2 - Question 62

When reviewing the answers, I was really confused about why the staff shown in the budget didn’t appear on the Firm Staffing list. In the moment I was thinking maybe the numbers were wrong because surely the staff on the project would still show up on the list of Firm Staffing and rates. Was there an indicator that I missed as to the fact that the project staff were pulled off the list and only shown in the project budget?

Also, the question asked to decide an answer based on the state of the budget, but it didn’t look like the project was over budget. Can anyone help me out?

Hi @dabe thanks for writing in! The Firm Staffing Chart has slightly different hourly rates than the budget (for example, $123/hr. and $125/hr., respectively) because it’s common to round hourly rates up or down, so that they land in $5 increments.
As for this question specifically - I would say that even if a project phase isn’t over budget, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take proactive steps as the PM to make sure there are no issues that could become bigger as the project moves forward. This question give 4 choices, all of which are ‘replace XX employee’. So, I would view this question as ‘which of these 4 employees is the most justifiable to replace on the project’. Reading questions and answer choices and sort of reformulating the question takes some practice, but is a good test taking strategy!

Happy studying :slight_smile: