Practice Exam Question: Conflict Negotations

Can I have some clarification on Practice Exam #1 question # 20:

A conflict has arisen between the owner and contractor on a construction project. The owner and contractor are negotiating amicably. The flowchart shows the paths the parties may take in the conflict. Identify the region on the graph that represents the point at which the parties will enter negotiations by clicking on it with your cursor.


Why would they enter negotiations when they are cooperating?

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Hi @katie.abraham ,

Great question! I am afraid I had to delete the screenshot you posted, as we don’t allow posting of paid content (you can always quote questions or answers though).

If you are cooperating, then you are negotiating. If non-cooperation occurs, then you maybe are splintering off into mediation, which is typically the first step of conflict resolution indicated with the A201 General Conditions of the Contract for Construction. I believe the word ‘negotiations’ here is used to indicate a a state of cooperation where formal conflict resolution processes as defined in the contract are not needed.

@coachchrishopstock am I on the right track here or is there anything else you would like to add? I’ve forwarded you the screenshot via email for your reference.


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That makes sense, thank you! For the second round after the first outcome, what would a cooperative response typically be? A change order?

And sorry about the screenshot, thought it would help clarify my question.

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