Practice exam 4 question 59

I am very confused with this answer as AIA B101 clearly states in 3.1.2 that the architect shall coordinate it’s services with the owner’s and owner’s consultants.
Can you please explain why this choice is a wrong answer?
Thank you

An architect is reviewing the contract documents for a new multifamily project.

According to AIA documents A101 and B101, the architect’s general responsibilities include which of the following? Check the four that apply.

Submit applications for payment

Incorrect. The contractor submits applications for payment to the architect for review. The architect issues a certificate for payment after assessment of the application for payment.

Decline to engage in activities, accept employment or receive payment or contributions that would influence the architect’s judgment

Correct. These are some of the architect’s responsibilities according to the owner-architect agreement.

Coordinate services of the owner’s consultants as reasonably required

Incorrect. This is the responsibility of the owner. Coordination of the owner’s consultants can be provided by the architect as an additional service.

Perform professional services comparable with other architects practicing in the same or similar locality under the same or similar project circumstances

Correct. This describes the standard of care, which is one of the architect’s responsibilities according to the owner-architect agreement.

Act as initial decision-maker in resolving disputes between owner and contractor

Correct. According to the owner-contractor agreement, unless another individual is appointed in the agreement, the architect will operate as the initial decision-maker for disputes.

Identify a representative to act on behalf of the architect

Correct. This is one of the architect’s responsibilities according to the owner-architect agreement.

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Hi @ylouka ,

This is a tricky question!
There is a very subtle distinction between the architect’s responsibility to coordinate their drawings with information provided by the owner’s consultants and the supplemental/additional service of the architect coordinating the owner’s consultants.

Check out this exert from Article 3, “Scope of Architect’s Basic Services” from the B101 below:

This makes it clear that the architect is responsible for taking account any information the owner or their consultants provide.

If we head over to Article 4, “Supplemental and Additional Services” we can see that per table 4.1.1, ‘architect’s coordination of the owner’s consultants’ is not provided as a basic service, but rather as a supplemental or additional.

The example I give to help make the distinction is that I, as the architect, am responsible for showing and responding to the grades the civil engineer (who is the owner’s consultant by default) provides. If I ignore the slope on the site I’m not doing a very good job designing my building.

However, I am not responsible for directing the civil engineer to update their drawings if it is decides to add another entrance to the building. Because the civil engineer is contracted as the owner’s consultant, it would be the owner’s responsibility to notify the civil engineer of this change and request they update their landscape to show a path to this new entrance.

Hope this helps!

yes, definitely very tricky:) Thank you very much for the detailed explanation.

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