Project Manual-Architect Basic services

Is the project manual part of the Architect Basic Services? If the architect decides not to provide the project manual, are they liable for providing contract documents with missing specifications?

Hi @elie! Thanks for your question.

Yes, the project manual is included in the Architect’s Basic Services.

See AIA B101 § 3.4.3:
“…The Architect shall also compile a project manual that includes the Conditions of the Contract for Construction and Specifications, and may include bidding requirements and sample forms.”

Drawings and specifications go hand-in-hand, as they are both included in the construction documents. If an architect fails to provide specifications, the construction documents are essentially incomplete. Think of drawings as the “what” and specifications as the “how” of a project.

See AIA B101 § 3.4.1:
“…The Construction Documents shall illustrate and describe the further development of the approved Design Development Documents and shall consist of Drawings and Specifications setting forth in detail the quality levels and performance criteria of materials and systems and other requirements for the construction of the Work…”

Hope this helps. Happy studying!

Kiara Galicinao, AIA, NCARB
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