Question for accepting new project

I have a question about whether to accept a project. Scenario: An architecture company is starting to do a university renovation project, one of the principals is also teaching in the university for studio. Can they accept the project?

I read from Ballast and the AIA Code of Conduct, that architect must not take part in any activity or accept any employment, interest, or contribution that could reasonably appear to compromise the architect’s judgement.

In this case, will the university employment affect the architect’s judgment?

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Hi @ranbebexuan ,

Great question! I think the best thing to do in this instance would be to review some sections in the AIA Code of Ethics. I think the following articles apply:

I think as long as the architect makes known to both his firm and the University that he is also hired to teach and they all agree the architect can perform his/her duties while holding these two rolls, it should not be a problem. The architect should feel free to accept the project as long as all parties are aware of the situation and no concerns are raised.

However, in practice, I can understand a situation where the architect might choose of their own volition to not involve themselves in this project and allow the other principal to handle it. For instance, if this project does not go well for whatever reason, it could damage their relationship with the university. Therefore, the architect might choose to remove themselves from the project.

In real life, I have seen architects who are adjunct professors do projects for my local university. It was not an issue. That’s not to say it there are situations where it would be inappropriate for the architect to take the job. For example, if the architect cut a deal that their firm would provide services for a reduced rate in exchange for a tenured position at the university it would absolutely be inappropriate.

Hope this helps!

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