Architect's Ethic and B101 2.4

I have a question about the B101 2.4 and Architect’s ethical question. Say if a manufacturer invite the architect to an oversea factory tour to see their production, new development and engage a design discussion. during the trip, the manufacturer also hoping to promo their produce in any future project opportunity. Assuming the manufacturer and local vendor help funded the trip. Not related to the trip, the Architect put their product in the a performance spec. for a project. which has include 2 others competitors of the similar product. Does this action by accepting the trip that the manufacturer paid for all (accommodation & travel) expenses violate the B101 contract? and does this raise an ethical issue? if it is not a legal issue, is there anyway that Architect shall put language to protect themselves from this sort of potential accusation? Last, there are many events, social gathering and treats that setup and paid by vendor or others entity that can be a potential conflict of interest, where can we draw the line? thank you

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Hell @leec and welcome to the ARE Community! That’s a good question. Let’s see if our expert architect can help. @coachchrishopstock do you mind jumping in here?

Hey @leec and thanks for the question!
The answer to this question definitely requires some judgement to be exercised. If I were in this situation, I would simply explain the situation to the owner, in writing, and ask that they confirm that they are OK with including the manufacturer in the specifications.
See also AIA Code of Ethics, Rule 3.201

I hope this helps!