Quiz #2 CPM Question

In taking this quiz, the question regarding CPM was asking the benefits of using this type of schedule on a project. One of my answers was marked incorrect but I believe it may have been a mistake.
The answer I chose stated that "Planning is easier for large scale, complex projects than with traditional methods"
the explanation states that “On the contrary, large-scale planning can be more difficult to integrate with CPM”

HOWEVER, on chapter 10 of the AHPP page 632 Scheduling, ". Activity lists, duration
periods, and dependencies between the activities form the foundation for this scheduling method, **used mostly for large and complex construction projects, research and **
development, plant maintenance, and others.

see screenshot below from AHPP page 632

Hi @jperez1487 !

Thanks so much for your comment and pulling up that excerpt from the AHPP! I’m going to tag @coachchrishopstock so he can take a look and provide some additional insight regarding your answer that was marked wrong. Thanks again!


Hi @jperez1487 thanks for writing in!
I wouldn’t say that the act of planning a large, complex project is easier using the CPM method - it’s certainly more involved and I’d say more complicated than using other methods, but there are benefits to using CPM that make that time spent worth it in the long run.
Of the answer choices available, there are three others that make more sense: that CPM allows you to highlight dependencies, identify float time, and identify critical tasks that affect the project schedule (i.e. the critical path). Check-all questions like this can definitely be tricky but remember, it’s about finding the (in this case) three best answers to the given question.

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