Reconstruction vs. Restoration


On one of the PA practice exams there was a question asking to identify which scenarios are preservation, rehabilitation, restoration, and reconstruction.

The answer defines restoration as : “process of accurately depicting form, features and character of a property as it appear at a particular period by means of reconstruction of missing features.” and reconstruction is defined as “process of depicting, by means of new construction, the form, features, and detailing of a non-surviving site, building… for purpose of replicating its appearance”

I’m wondering why “A badly deteriorated native dwelling is carefully studied and missing parts are replaced with great accuracy” would be reconstruction, and not restoration, as reconstruction identifies as being non-surviving, and restoration identifies as reconstructing missing features?

Also, the answer provided doesn’t identify the correct answer for “an addition housing a planetarium is being planned for a historic museum” (I think its rehabilitation, but starting to second guess myself)



Hi @mgc71689 & welcome to the ARE Community.

You make a good point, let’s see if one of our expert architects can help with this question.
@coachjakegroth do yo mind jumping in?

<Response voided, as it was incorrect. See further down in the conversation.>

Thanks for your response. I’m confused though, as I was under the impression that reconstruction is used when a building is lost - indicating the need for new construction of it? That’s what one of the answers to an exam question indicated (reconstruction = “using photos to rebuilt lost building”)

@mgc71689 I have reviewed the question and your skepticism above to my original answer.
Thank you very much for being critical and wanting to better understand. I have removed my response as I believe you are indeed correct. The answers appear to be flip-flopped. Most certainly a better answer description is needed.

I am using the information from here to come to this conclusion. @monicafitzpatrick can we have an additional coach review this question?

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