Responsible Control

Hey all,
I am having the hardest time finding the full description of what qualifies as “responsible control of the the Architect” I looked at NCARB Model Rules of Conduct, rule 5 and it is not descriptive enough to help me understand when an architect can stamp a drawing. Can anyone point my in the right direction where to find this information?


Hi @daniel.winstead - great question!
The NCARB Model Law defines responsible control in Section 103:

This definition might also leave a bit to be desired, so it’s helpful to talk through some examples.

An architect who prepares sketches, redlines, and provides direction to designers in their office is in responsible control of their instruments of service. Even though they’re not drafting the documents themselves, they’re the decision maker on the project - directing staff members about what to draw and specify.

An architect who reviews a set of drawings that was prepared by members of their office over the course of 2 months is not in responsible control. They didn’t make the decisions about the project - merely reviewing afterwards does not constitute responsible control.