C&E Practice Exam 2 Q3 - Delegated Design

The question is “A junior architect is logging submittals for a large public project, and needs to categorize them as action or non-action submittals in order for the senior architect to review them. Which of the following should be categorized as action submittals? Check the four that apply.”

One of the correct answers is “Delegated Design.” I understand delegated design as the transfer of design responsibility of certain aspects of the project from the architect to the general contractor. Could someone clarify how this concept is considered a submittal?

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@coachdarionziegler any insights for this question?

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Hi @lizl,

Absolutely! I’ll do my best to assist.

You are correct, delegated design is assigning certain design aspects to the general contractor. The question is using ‘delegated design’ as a noun to refer to the documents the contractor will produce. The question might have also written this option as, “delegated design submittals” but then it would have been too obvious.

For example, one item we typically delegate design of is cold formed metal framing. This is the structural metal framing using on load bearing walls. The structural engineer indicates the required gauge of the framing and then the architect clarifies their wall types, but neither draws the actual studs on a plan. The contractor hires a sub who then produces more detailed drawings that show the specifics of the stud layout as the project requires. This document is then sent to the architect as a submittal. The architect then forwards it to the structural engineer to complete their review before reviewing it themselves as necessary and returning to the contractor. The question was using the term “delegated design” to refer to the item submitted to the architect, which in this example, was the cold form metal framing plans.

If you want to read more into delegated design I found this helpful article the AIA co-wrote to clarify the process.

As well, first hand experience can be the best way to learn some of these CA based concepts! If you have a mentor at work I would recommend asking them if you can take a look at some of the submittals & RFI’s they receive on projects you have worked on.

Hope this helps!

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