Roof per Climate zone

I was wondering if roofs can be selected per climate. Is there a roof that should be chosen for cold or hot weather?

Hi @mingo.draft ,

There’s a lot of nuances to what roof type you might want to use in each climate!
You can start by checking out table C402.1.3 to see the insulation requirements for roof systems based on climate zones (for commercial buildings):

If you are in a snowy climate you might want to use a higher pitched roof to shed snow. If you are in a dry, arid climate that doesn’t get a lot of precipitation maybe you use a flat roof since you do not need to worry about shedding water very often. Roof material is also a huge consideration - for example white TPO is super important in hot climates where solar heat gain is an issue.

Here’s a few blogs about different roofs for different climates:

Hope this helps!

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Darion thank you so much!

I had researched on single ply roofing and this is what I found:

EPDM - Cold climates.
PVC & TPO - Hot climates.

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